Being a rat might get u kills but it wont help you improve.

First off, i dont mind people playing as rats, its a working strategy in this game to kill some1. What i dont understand is people taking pride in it. Yes u might say u need patience or stealth to kill some1, but in the long run it doesent really take that much skill to do. Most people in this game start of as rats, and i fully understand why. This game is scarry as hell, and when the TTK is so fast it almost make no sense to not play stealthy. But heres where i might disagree with the majority of the player base. Holding on to being a rat after 1-2k hours of gameplay doesent help you improve, u will always be skill caped to that point. As the current gun mechanics go, most chads can outplay rats hiding in corners by either free look running or ADAD peaking corners. This is where the movement players are able to outplay the simple rat, by mastering the movement in this game and knowing how to move around on the map and simply achieve a better chance of killing people then the avg rat. This is not achieved in a few hours but instead takes thousand of hours to master and more then likely will include plentyfull of room to improve. Here is where the rat develops arguments against the movement players outplaying them, the so called "abusing broken game mechanics". Rather then trying to accept a difr playstyle, they end up blaming the game. Dont get me wrong, people have difr ways to enjoy the game and those who enjoy playing more stealthy are ofc welcome to do that. But blaming some1 cuse they mastered a harder way of enjoying tarkov isnt reasonable. Skill should always be rewarded in any game, even though it would cater to both playstyles.


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