Being forced to play the trader/quest simulator is a drag

I'll get a lot of arguments against this but if you guys can sit here and come up with every reason possible to defend extract camping this should be just as easy to back up.

Honestly I just want to login, run around maps, loot rooms, make money and fight people. Flea market changes like the level 15 grind with level 1 traders, FIR status, and nerfing the flea by removing items (especially cases). The game is just a drag. I find no enjoyment pulling my hair out doing intentionally pain in the ass quests just to have the progress wiped in 3 months and having to start again.

These changes were made in an attempt to stunt wealth gain and extend the early wipe but we're 2 months into a fresh wipe with level 40's running meta gear and streamers barely breaking a sweat.

I don't have all the time in the world to play games, and definitely don't want to spend the hours I do have malding.

Bit of a rant, I wish they'd revert the flea changes. Grinding out traders for the sake of progress is a drag. Especially in a game with wipes.


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