Best budget controller for VR play?

Hello Commanders!

I haven’t played Elite at all for about a year now after a pretty long stint of sinking way too much of my time into it tbh but I’d like to get back into it again now I’ve enjoyed a break and would like to see what it’s like when using my Oculus Rift.

When I tried that once just before my break I bumped into a requirement for some kind of controller to use rather than mouse and keyboard.

However much I’d love to buy a nice HOTAS setup, my finances really won’t allow for that right now so I need to understand what might be a decent quality controller to use instead.

I assume something like a standard Xbox wireless controller would be fairly typical for this? But I don’t really have any idea if that’d be compatible with the game or suitable for the controls required for piloting.

Do any particular controllers offer an advantage in being slightly more optimised for or more intuitively laid out for use in the game?


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