Best takeaway from this event.

One of the best takeaways I have from this event, is the ability to just sell everything to one vendor, without feeling overly ripped off at that convenience. It allows me and my friends to instantly go back pistol running, or load up our random gear and go in with what we have. My friends who are item hoarders have suddenly stopped being item hoarders, and have liquidated nearly everything as the flea market was down.

The only thing that is severely detrimental to this event, was the lack of organization about the logistics of people questing. That being said, the only reason people loaded into raids were to either stockpile on food, medicine, ammo (or most importantly magazines) which they've miscalculated and are short of. It doesn't take many raids to stockpile on these materials, so after it is done, players are kind of aimless after their quests are fully completed. The return of the flea market isn't really changing any dynamics in the game, so this shows (with lack of statistical evidence though) that the traders have more of an impact of what equipment people run than the flea market.


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