Best way to earn cash money? Trading

I saw a guys comment on a YouTube video the other day talking about trading. Apparently Taygeta to Electra is a hot spot. If you get your relationship really high in Taygeta on Titan’s Daughter, you will start getting trade missions that give tens of millions. This is good because the trade missions not only give a huge chunk of cash, the trade system, Electra, is only 4LY away. If you have a ship with a large storage, you can take on like 5-10 of these trading missions and make about 200 million in about 20 minutes. I could’ve made like 2-5 million earlier in about 5-10 minutes but I chose to decline the money and choose the reputation option. Basically I’m posting this to let everyone know about this, and also to see if there’s any other really great money sources out there. I need to get my guardian parts, and I want to get around 600 million to become a full time explorer. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this matters, but I play on PC.


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