BETA vs 1.0

I've never understood the hatred for front running games in beta or early access, maybe I'm yet to hear a compelling argument but for a game that you're already so devoted to, why would you want it to rush out of beta?

The way I see it, this game has already given players more replayability than almost any other multiplayer games in its field.
At its current stage, if you were to slap a 1.0 on the end of it, it would have more complexity and content than your average triple A FPS game.

To me Beta signifies a work in progress, which is only a deterrent when people buy into a game that doesn't yet have what you're buying into it for, but for Tarkov, a game that already stands strong in the fps genre, beta means more content, more free content, content that you'd pay Vbucks in other games for.
How often does COD throw in an extra gun or another plate armour?

I know Battlestate have dreams to leave Tarkov for bigger and better things, so I don't expect an infinite development cycle, but I'm more than happy for them to take their time.

We are witnessing something special with Tarkov, that i predict many, many developers will attempt to emulate, in the same way PUBG inspired a horde of battle royales, and dark souls with an never ending swarm of souls likes

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