Biggest problem in game?

The text part of this post more of a rant, but I will throw up a poll to understand what the player base also feels about some of the problems I've noticed with the new hot patch

(I'm leaving out cheaters because that's a problem that will more than likely always persist)

I've noticed that right after a wipe, scavs seem to be in just a perfect spot. Some are dangerous, others are easy. But it always seems that after a hot patch, especially with 12.7 and Sanitar being added, the scavs will lock onto you from ~80 meters out, in a bush or not. Hell, sanitars guards will lock onto youand instantly tap you in the head from that distance.

Desync has always been a big fucking problem in this game. .9 there was desync, and there's still desync to today.

I'm usually fine with desync, cause that's internet and such, but when I peak and go back behind the wall and still die it's always a disappointment.

Ram. Why does this game go from using ~%50 of my 16gb ram, to using all of it mid match. I thought BSG had fixed these memory leaks, but it seems like its back. Also the auto ram cleaner just does not work. (Atleast for me)

Late spawns. Just don't even spawn me in late, it's pointless

Sound. Sound in this game just loves to out right break. I'll watch people like Lvndmark, and I can hear where everyone is. However, it seems like for me, when people are running below me or outside, I cannot hear ANYTHING, no matter how close they may be.

I have some clips, mostly of scavs and desync deaths. When I get more of said issues happening, I'll record them and edit them together so as to show off the issues.

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