BLARGH! Just built longboat to go serpent fishing (other one is very far away). Head out to spawn point with nothing but a belly full of food, a harpoon, and an axe….

Find serpent where I'd expected, about a 90 second sail away. Storm raging, Thor flying overhead, I turn the longboat toward the serpent for aggro, and POOF. POWER OUTAGE, system whines down to a lump of silicon and aluminum. GAH!
When power returns I log back in.
'K, no biggie, I'll…. oh shit, my other longboat is in the hinterlands and full of black metal. I run along shore looking for my lost longboat, in the now calm afternoon and spot it, just in visible range offshore. Back at base, down a Lox Pie, Bread, and Fish wrap for max stamina, and haul ass over to closest point to boat; start to swim. Halfway there, WOOT! I've got more than enough stamina and HP to make it! Out of nowhere, a storm explodes, again, lightning crashing everywhere, and shit, I should still make it, I just lost my stam, but I have enough HP for quite a few ticks. OMG, 11 HP per tick of damage! NOOOOO! Three strides away…
corpse marker.
DAMNIT! My own fault, I should have just made a raft.
Okay, screw it, grab some tin and copper, make bronze, grab stuff for a raft, run back to closest point to longboat and start out… straight into the screaming wind. Sea is so rough //I// start to get nauseated. A few dozen strides away I see my longboat, but there's something wrong. It's now upside down? WTH? And taking damage! SHIT! What's going on! Move Faster Little Raft! Just as I reach longboat, it falls apart and sinks to the bottom of the ocean. It is then that I realize… not only did I lose the 100 iron nails, but I also lost my harpoon. I had /just/ picked it up after a world save, which was.. maybe 2 minutes before the power went out. I head back, check my armory. No Snake Stick. So now I'm out a brand new longboat which took the rest of my iron, my harpoon which took all of my chitin, and my only other boat is at the southern edge of the map full of black metal and surtling cores.
I always said I liked this game because it is hard, but goddamn, that's just an ass whoopin', son.


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