Blatant cheater influx

I know this topic is not new or really welcomed here, but recently I experienced massive "cheater waves" on factory. For few days including today (15.04) to about 6:00~7:00 GMT I was able to survive 2-3 games on factory running whole thing searching for Tagilla. At about 9:00 GMT tried again getting on factory and i stumbled upon getting shot to the head nearly every single raid by <15lv. After about 5 deaths to headshot and about 3 PMCs killed that blatantly were capable of hitting my head from 30~50m through whole factory repeatedly with rhino pistol with low levels.
The second thing i noticed with my friends is amount of people spawning in with no gear just to get killed has increased from 1 per few raids yesterday to about 1 per 2-3 raids today.
The funny thing is I spoke with friends about other maps, got laughed at, invited them to play factory and came to conclusion that the single most affected is factory.

There were in past few noticeable "cheater waves" happening on factory, but I haven't experienced that blatant as today is, for nearly 2 years.

Example of what i experienced every second raid today, got 3 hits from 7.62BP to head


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