Bleeding opponent and giving up last say vs. dry pass

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I have this happen a lot. I win round 1 a card down, while making it to at least 4 cards, say 5/4 to my opponent. So I could…

  1. dry pass round 2 and guarantee last say

  2. Try to bleed but possibly lose last say because…

    Here's the kicker: I have not so great low tempo or bricked cards in hand plus cards I really need to save for R3 like Gezras or Breuver. So I would probably lose last say if I try to bleed.

Should I just play out my bronzes even though he can likely out tempo me and just pass when I pass without playing another card? Or should I dry pass, keep last say and take my chances with the mulligan gods?

I play ST movement last 2 seasons and dwarves right now.

I realize it will likely depend on who I am playing so can we discuss in terms of like:

NG. Bleed out ball. Every time.

ST unitless. Dry pass. Save heatwave last say for gord and you win.


I know there won't be just one answer for everything. Let's discuss!


Edit, TLDR:

  1. You won rd1 a card down.

  2. You have a shit hand that if you tried to bleed rd2, will very likely lose last say.

  3. You are ST movement or dwarves.

Against what decks would you still bleed and which ones would you say no, last say is too important to lose so just dry pass?


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