Blende in Anarchy!

o7 Cmdrs! Happy New Year to all! As many of you might have seen, I recently had an issue with a player faction I was warring with. They took an ingame issue and escalated it to real life events by contacting my place of employment in hopes of getting me fired. FDev have taken action against said players account and permanently banned him. If you would like to read the full story/messages it will be linked below.

Today I am here to inform you all that the system will officially be flipping into Anarchy and I would like to thank EVERYONE who has offered assistance. XBOX, PC and PlayStation cmdrs alike. The support you have shown in light of all this has been amazing and news of it even reached Lave Radio! Once the system is in Anarchy officially I will be looking to host a PVP tournament in system.

The system is located only 70 ly away from Mahlanja, a very popular money making system. Not to far from Deciat as well as Shinrata. Please feel free to message me via XBOX(Kermit le frog1) for anyone XBOX side who wishes to partake.

Again, happy New Year cmdrs. Thank you all for your help and fly dangerously o7


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