Blink Talents on QOP and AM. Is it balanced?

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AM's level 10 talent: Blink -1s making it a 5 second cooldown.QOP's level 25 talent: Blink -2s making it a 4 second cooldown.

If the blink CDR reduction is only doubled by 2 (from -1s to -2s), then the Blink -2s should only be a level 20 talent on QOP. Not level 25 (AM level 10 talent should just be lvl 10 x 2 = Level 20 for QOP.)

Blink Features:

Although QOP's blink has more range by default (QOP's 1300 range vs. AM's 1150), 150 range is negligible when it comes to blinking in and out of the fight. Both blink's range are enough to weave in and out of the fights, which is the point of this skill.

But that's just a miniscule point. What I'm trying to say is, 1000+ range blink is enough. It's not a short zip zap like Faceless Void's Timewalk which can or cannot be used to literally get out of a frame in a clash.

But the difference in both QOP's and AM's blink is the pre-blink animation. In this line of thought, AM's blink is far more superior than QOP's blink. If you don't know already, AM does a circular motion as if he's spinning around before he blinks. He always does this animation before he blinks.

Whereas QOP's pre-blink animation is for QOP to face the direction of where she's going to blink to before she actually jumps.

Both blinks are good enough to initiate a fight and land a surprise and successful disable (stun/overwhelm the enemy by illusion for AM & silence/hex/slow for QOP) but due to the "pre-blink animation", the difference makes AM a superior escape artist than QOP because through the spinning pre-blink animation of AM, his enemies does not have a clue as to where AM blinked whereas QOP's enemies will have a general guess as to where QOP blinked to because QOP MUST FACE THE DIRECTION TO WHICH SHE WILL BE BLINK TO. If QOP wants to blink north, she would have to face north first before she actually jumps. So if she's initially facing north, and she wants to blink south, then she will have to face south and the result of her blink is always 1-1300 range south of her initial position–a weak feature of QOP's blink because her enemies can guess where she landed. This weak feature is further weakened by enemy heroes who can slow movement (slow down QOP's movement so she will face the direction of where she wants to blink a lot slower) and turn rate (such as Batrider). Whereas AM's blink does not have this weak feature. AM will just do the spin pre-blink animation and the result of that is that AM can land 1-1150 range away, in all possible directions from his initial position. Even if AM's enemies have chase, it may be impossible to locate AM's location post-blink without enough experience fighting AM and predict AM's moves, or an already existing ward vision, or a vision hero. Conclusion: Disregarding both heroes' mana pool (mana pool dictates frequency of blink), both blinks have almost similar initiation functionality but QOP's blink escape functionality is significantly weaker than AM's escape functionality.

Having said this, I'd like to go back to the main problem: If such is the difference between both blinks, why do the blink-related talents of both heroes not seem balanced?

It can be argued that as an intelligence hero, QOP may opt for additional CDR through Octarine Core making her originally 6s CD blink to 3s CD (if QOP has both the talent and Octarine Core). A 3sec CD blink might sound overpowered but it's basically pointless to go this item build because her main nuke, Scream of Pain, will never match such a low CD of this "OP" blink. She'd do more damage if she bought another item. But based on the recent changes on QOP, I personally think she's no longer a perfect fit to carry Octarine Core. Before, Octarine Core grants spell lifesteal and people occasionally would buy Radiance on her just to take advantage of the magical DPS burn of Radiance + her low CD skills. It sounds perfect, but the pros never build her this way even if this option was available to her. Fast forward to the current state of Octarine Core, it no longer grants spell lifesteal but cast range. And cast range is useless on QOP since her core play is to blink in next to her enemies. Her main nuke, the Scream of Pain, is a radius-based skill with her as the center. Thus, she will not get a better effective range for this skill even if she got +1000 cast range.

TLDR: Please change QOP's blink talent. The -2s CD for blink for QOP is too weak for a level 25 talent. The -2s blink can be acceptable as a level 20 talent. Or another way to go around this is to grant her the same talent as AM, -1s CD for blink at Level 10. Or better, change the pre-blink animation of QOP's blink to be at par with the escape functionality of AM's blink.


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