Bonemass. More like Bone m* a**

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

This boss fight was one of my first real challenge in the game, prior to H&H (and because of that, one of my fav. thing looking forward to).

After the poison status tweaks tho, this bossfight seems like a piece of cake. I did not upgrade my items fully, but I brewed some HP potions just to be safe. Seemed like it was a waste of effort as this bubblegum popped in 2 minutes. I pretty much facetanked most of its poison because armor mitigation is so goddamn strong.

Anyway, just wanted to share this piece of info. I was sorta happy and sad at the same time, when I learned about the poison tweaks, because on the flip side, I will no longer watch my healthbar slowly melt off by 1 sneaky ooze that got me surprized while not having the poison resistance status effect on myself. TBH I rarely used poison resistance now. The swamp in its current state lost quite a bit of that intimidating aura.

Leaving your poison resistance meads at home prepatch meant a walk back, while now I can easily just skip it after getting the basic iron armor set.


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