Bonemass : Nerf it, or did I do something wrong?

I was excited to beat Bonemass and didn't really read tips at first to keep the surprise, but I found it absurdly hard so I checked on the internet. I then came with my full iron armor and troll cape, iron mace and health/poison potions and Serpent stew, sausages and honey to eat. It was pretty much a horrible experience, maybe it's because I'm solo but then the game should scale the bosses. I thought Eikthyr was too easy and bonemass was just time consuming and pretty much not satisfying, only giving you a headache after you finish it. I didn't even finish it without cheating because my mace was breaking before I could kill him and when I came back he was already full hp! I understand that some people like the fact that you can't shoot it and it's hard and I agree but it shouldn't have to be just a never ending fight against a punching bag. Still don't know if I did anything wrong in my strategy, if you have some ideas let me know, because I'm still kinda sad I had to use a cheap command to finish that stupid (at least for me) fight. Thanks!


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