Bonus exploration payout ? What

Hello fellow commanders,

So me and a friend decided to do some exploration for the community goal. Each of us did around 22k ly (from the bubble and back to the CG station). We weren't in a wing all the time, and we both didn't bother to use the FSS scanner on like 25% of the whole trip.

I've been doing exploration a lot in these 4 years but I've never seen this huge amount of bonus I got right now. The first two pages yielded me a grand total of 90M; all of the exploration data for me yielded 230M.

My highest total payout from an exploration trip was around 400M, but that took a lot of time and basically scanning every "valuable" system in a certain nebula (mapping ww and ELW). In this trip i barely mapped one ELW, having 3 elw in total discovered.

So what's this bonus about ?


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