Bored? Try this new “Mini Snowball Challenge” I made up with a few friends.

Venicci's 'Snowball' Challenge

(I am aware a similar challenge already exists, created by Lupo but I'm not sure what else to call this. Think of this as a smaller version of that challenge with an emphasis on playing with friends in a squad for friendly competition, no need to play on a fresh account.)

Premise: Go into a raid, solo or squad, with only a pistol and cosmetic (i.e. pompon, skullmask etc.) and extract with whatever you can, then taking in that same gear. The goal being to become progressively more geared until you die.

If playing in a squad, you could turn this challenge into a friendly competition, with a number of different win conditions such as:

-First to survive 3 raids in a row wins

-Last one to survive throughout any number of raids wins

-Whoever makes the most profit out of three raids wins

Container restrictions: Meds, ammo, keys

First raid rules – Any Pistol, no limit on mags or extra ammo – Any cosmetic

Post raid rules: You can subtract gear from you inventory to your stash but you cannot add new gear, with some exceptions

You can refill magazines with the same or worse ammo in terms of penetration

You can replenish meds within your container

You can add one stack of extra ammo in your container for a new gun you did not have previously

You should be trying to go into the next raid more geared than you were previously, upgrading as many parts of your gearset as you can. Try not to put away higher quality gear to take in a weaker set.

I'm open to thoughts and suggestions on this challenge, hope you like it!


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