Boss difficulty ranking (IMHO)

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I just whacked the last boss, and thought I would share my opinion on the difficulty of bosses. There has been other posts like this, but not in a while, I think.

This assumes solo play, only using the gear available in the normal biome progresson, a combination of melee and archery, and fair play (no exploits, sniping from far away, etc.). Your experience with a boss will of course depend on the environment and mobs around the spawn site. Thoughts appreciated! For the record I think the appearance, behavior and attacks of all bosses are creative and well thought out.

From easiest to hardest:

  1. Eikthyr. A fun fight to get the game started.
  2. Yagluth. …whaat? Yeah. With fire resistance and a couple of health potions, I never got under half HP. I just stood there hitting him, not dodging much, then he died. Clearing out a fuling village is way more dangerous. The guy must be beefed up.
  3. Elder. He can do some damage indeed, both ranged and melee.
  4. Bonemass. This fight takes time. You need some good tactics to get rid of summoned mobs, manage stamina and get some hits in. I died 3 times the first time I fought him. Intense and fun!
  5. Moder. Hear me out. When she lands, she's a piñata like Yagluth. But when she flies, she can kill you instantly with her ice crystals. You can run from the attack, but with the rocky terrain it's easy to get stuck for a second. And while you're moving around and making noise, curious stone golems and other creatures come to play. Handling golems and a flying Moder simultaneously is hard. Happened countless times on my first go. I was a tombstone factory. Only by luring Moder off the mountain into another biome could I fight her in peace. Then she's more Elder-level difficulty.


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