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Hi there,

lately, I have been playing my homebrew bounty deck nothing special and I was having somewhat fun. However, after while I realised that bounty needs buffs to even have chance to compete with NR mages/Nilfgaard meta decks. I know that a lot of you have ptsd from tunnel drill but I still came up with some ideas.

Tell me if you think my buffs are justified or not. Looking forward to your opinions.

Witch hunter executioner – – > fee 1: deal 1 damage to a target, if it has bounty deal 2 instead

Even though executioner got buffed last patch which I appreciate. I still think that he is kinda weak because he can be easily removed. On top of that, he is not that great without target who has bounty and SY lacks of good damage spenders.

The scoundrel – – – > deploy ability changed to order zeal with 3 turns cooldown.

This buff is questionable because The Scoundrel is quite a powerful card but I still think that having ability to thin your opponents deck and disrupt it at the same time would come in handy especially since SY bounty is control deck.

The Brute – – – > health decreased to 5, provision 14, profit won't change, buffing part changed to fee 3: damage all enemies in meele or ranged row by 1

The brute is a powerful card but needs a huge setup and is very expensive. So most of the time, he works as finisher. However, by the time you play The Brute you have no good spenders on board so I was think ing about changing his kit to be more useful.

Anyways, just my thoughts, feel free to criticize.


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