Boy, what a pleasant experience!

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I love this game. I love the variety of lists in the competitive ranked mode. I mean, there are so many viable lists! For example my Skellige pirate list. I feel so engaged and interested when I'm up against someone like Syndicate, and at the end of the match, as a true Skelliger, I meet my creator because Syndicate does what I do but better. It's so thematic and interesting!

Also, if there's one thing I really find fascinating, this has to be Nilfgaard. Like the lore, Nilfgaard lives up to every thematic expectation that you, the fellow Gwent player will surely anticipate. I mean, here we have a Morvran Voorhis list, that has everything that someone would expect from an imperialistic ultimatum of the human kind.

In other words, we do have a list that:

  1. Goes super tall (because reasons)
  2. Has superb removal
  3. has easy access to almost every card in the deck
  4. Can thin my entire deck by Round 2
  5. Amazing thinning combo (which as you guessed, it means more points in a single turn).

All of that on a simple list. Wow! I love that transparency and variety that lives up to what Nilfgaard is all about. Who cares at all if it's ''slightly'' unfair or unbalanced?! I mean, why at all wouldn't you include in one faction almost every viable way of playing the game while other archetypes (like buffed pirates), are a realistic immitation of what a viking would dream off every day: A glorious ''exit''.

And then, my personal favourite attribute of this game: The viability and variety of the cards. Oh right, I've heard before that it's some sort of a standard rule or something, ''Not all cards can be viable''. Ofcourse not! Why, if you had more cards viable, that would force players to…umm…to….I dunno, maybe THINK before they deckbuild a netdecked uberlist that absolutely destroys anything else that's not almost top tier in the competitive mode.

Oh right, I've also heard the other one, ''Play on practice mode''. Absolutely! Let's not try to rank up with a personal homebrew, but rather take it to the homebrew festival of experimental idea fests instead of I dunno again…making more cards viable?

''But how can you do that'', I hear you asking. Okay, example time.

Junior's freakshow: I deal damage, but I'm rowlocked.

Drill: I deal damage but I have a pseudo-condition that can be met easily. Same ability btw.

Junior himself: I'm a 6 point removal, that also can instantly destroy 3's, which theoretically can make it up to 9 points removal or even more if there's another 3 point card on the battlefield.

So, back to the question. ''How can you make more cards viable?'' Just. nerf. the. cards. that. are. way. too. overtuned. Simple as that. You did it with relicts and kudos for that!

In other words, all I'm trying to say with simplistic human words is that it's weird dealing with the literal same list every game and either A) go with the current or B) try something new and be forced to play in the playground of homebrews because it's either this or the ''metaddiction''.

And yeah, people will try to twist my words, they'll try to make it seem like I'm saying nonsense, but think this for like 2 minutes without trying to reply, just for the sake of replying. How many cards exist that when you see them you're like ''I would like to take that but if I do, I'll lose, not because the card is bad or inappropriate for my list, but because I need that one other card because that's how the meta is right now.''

You all know of what I'm talking about, even if you say otherwise. In no way you have to agree with me, but that's something that happens way too often for having nobody to talk about it.


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