Broken Game, Sales, Refunds, or Compensations.

Hi, I've been playing Elite for a few months now.

Absolutely love Horizons, unfortunately the only way I could get my close friend interested was with the Odyssey DLC. Even though I'd seen such negative rhetoric about it I thought: "Oh it can't be that bad." So she purchased the game and I grabbed the DLC- only to find that its got to have more bugs than every Bethesda IP in existence.

One of the biggest problems is sharing missions, any time we complete the tasks at hand, I activate the FSD and she freezes- I can still transport her back to the station but she has to log out and back in and we can no longer share the rewards.

I've lost out on millions of CR which is no big deal since I prefer to trade and explore, but I digress.

We paid for a product we're not getting- every single player has paid for something they aren't receiving- I really don't even know what to say.

Other than Fdev owes us all a refund or at the very least every Odyssey owning player deserves a lump of ARX (that you still charge for) until you fix the problems you've created.

This has been the least gracefully introduced DLC I've personally ever experienced.

Looking forward to the Devs ignoring me or spouting some excuse. -Sincerely CMDR VYK0DYN & CMDR Lapis42


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