Broken weapons: Sniper and Tac Shotgun

Am I the only one who can't understand why fortnite still has snipers that deals more than 180 dmg even if you hit headshots? Why should you be able to knock someone by one single shot when there is literally no skill to sniping in this game anymore. There is basically no bullet drop and snipers are too common. At any given moment a player can have their game thrown because someone hit you in the head with a hitscan weapon. Should there be no skill to this once so wonderful game?

Shotguns need balancing as well in my opinion. The tactical in purple or rare are too strong, they need to go. The lever deals a good amount of damage if you are accurate and same goes for the charge, which both comes at a disadvantage, slow fire rate and you need to be more precise. The tac however you can literally spray and walk forward, even with terrible aim you can knock someone in 2-3 shots usually. Carrying a gold tac and a sniper is all you need in this game. Camp at a safe distance and spray the shotgun if anyone comes up close. Is this the type of playstyle that should be promoted?

I am not saying everyone should be aggressive players and push everything or only carry AR, shotgun and smg, but come on. The tac early game far outweighs most guns and same goes for sniper mid through late game.


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