BRS – Body Recovery Squad Experience…

Quick note / story on this from my "testimonial" on their Discord

A fantastic service and thoroughly friendly, helpful Bohica just saved this game for my brother and I. 250+ Hours in, Moder had taken an entire arsenal of arrows and Frostner damage from us and whilst close to death she did not relent. After 2 game days of weary battle, the night 'terrors' of 2* Wolves decimated all our progress. With only 3/4 deaths! Primary armour, maxed out silver armour and weapons lost, secondary Iron armours and weapons lost. There was no hope… Thankfully I'd heard of the BRS via the community and here we are.. This game is entirely about collaboration for me and the rescue and insight gained from this experience only serves this game and community well IMO. He came, saw and kicked ass. Many, many thanks again bud if you are reading, relief is one thing but a pleasure to meet you regardless. Take care.

I've seen some comments on here questioning why use the BRS and not just use the console to spawn – both are seen as cheating. Well, to reiterate this game has been about collaboration from the start for us. I've made my personal progress and my brother has also made his via his world. However, we have found we are better together. Neither of us have played a game like this together, and nothing for this long in over 30 years of gaming. I've also lived 300 miles away from him for 6 years yet we can now play this game together. Unfortunately I now have to talk to him more 😉 We are not online gamers per se, but this game has now allowed me to talk to other people internationally. They've helped me out and it's all really positive stuff. So THAT is also why I would recommend using the BRS… Open to discussion, but just wanted to put it out there. Collaboration – don't play solo if you can. It's an entirely different game. Even if you spend hours prepping for a boss fight and LOSE EVERYTHING… 😛 I am happy to help someone if they get stuck – but reach out to the BRS first – they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better 🙂


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