Bruh…What is wrong with Tarky today

I've played about a dozen raids today and this has to be the least fun I've had with this game.. This loot pool is fucking awful. I've opened every duffel bag ive seen and out of all of them 2 had something in them, but worst of all something has had to have changed with ammo, hitboxes, or desync, idk what it is but headshots are not killing anyone I shoot. I've tapped scavs in the head and they live through the first shot or two, and the same is happening with PMC's, UMP (AP rounds) point blank to the head and I did 13 damage to body 86 the armor. I landed 5 shots of 7.62×39 BP's to a player who 180'd me and I only did 21 dmg to body and 9 to armor. I'm on my appropriate servers with below 70 ping, I don't see why this is happening today but now I see why people are playing Hunt: Showdown and Apex Legends rn, what are you guys doing to this game?


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