BSG Deserves Credit for Trying to Prolong Early-wipe Gameplay

Many people believe early-wipe gameplay is the most fun and immersive part of Tarkov. Players are inspired to come back to the game after time off and genuinely enjoy the progression. But I suspect that, eventually, wipes will be more infrequent, especially when the game is "released." It's now pretty clear that many of the recent changes are meant to prevent players from reaching end-game traders and loot in one week. I think the goal of these changes is the right direction for Tarkov's sustainability and overall enjoyment. Occasionally the changes are bad and need fixing, but BSG should be commended for trying to make early-wipe last longer.

While many members of the community agree the game should be difficult for beginners and inaccessible to a point, and I do agree that Tarkov's identity is based on its grueling and unforgiving nature, it should not be inaccessible because someone couldn't play on the first week of the wipe. Casuals should fear this game because it is difficult, has a steep learning curve, and requires an abundant amount of knowledge, not because meta gear is available to those who decide to sprint through the wipe without reading a single quest description.

Tldr; Early-wipe is the most immersive and exciting part of Tarkov, these recent changes aimed at prolonging early-wipe gameplay are the right direction for the long-term sustainability and enjoyment of Tarkov. Make players stop and smell the roses and they'll appreciate how immersive this game really is.

EDIT/Clarification: This is more referring to a wipe in the future based on the changes they recently made. This current wipe is already long gone, some of which is because BSG gives out too much free stuff.


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