BSG Needs To Give Us More Details

I am all for the ninja changes to item spawn rates and new content (cultists!) – it keeps the world exciting. But, not for game mechanics. We rarely get patch notes and when we do they don't actually say anything. For example, today's update enabling a new type of AI spawn on Shoreline that now matches Interchange and Customs.

That's great, but what actually IS the algorithm? What does it do? Announcements and dev notes are supposed to keep the player based informed of what's going on, but these notes just keep us guessing even more. Did the algorithm increase scav spawns and how? Or did it just remove all sniper scavs? Do more spawn at start or do they spawn at the end? Is it a change to player scav spawns so they don't join a raid at 40 min on Woods or 10 min on Interchange? How do we know if we should be celebrating if we don't know what it does?

Even more so – how are we supposed to report any bugs without knowing if they are part of the algorithm? Are scavs supposed to be spawning within 10 feet of a PMC in Dorms or Resort? Should we report if sniper scavs don't spawn for 5 consecutive raids or is that by design because Reshala gave them the week off?

It adds validity to the meme, "It's not bug, it's feature." It makes it harder for BSG to deal with the player base because the devs are working hard to improve the game, but without details we have no clue what their hard work accomplished. This disconnect creates a divide where the player base thinks the devs aren't listening to player feedback and the devs think the player base doesn't appreciate their hard work. Which can be solved if they just shared more details on what they are actually doing to improve the game mechanics.

This is not a shot fired at BSG, but merely feedback for improvement. This is my fourth wipe and I love what EFT delivers on and the vision for the future. I'm confident the folks at BSG are working very hard and share the same passion as we do to make the game the best it can be. I believe this feedback is simple, but would benefit both parties greatly without any cost or impact to Nikita's vision to promote exploration.

TLDR – We need more details in the patch notes on game mechanics.


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