BSG should make a clear statement on their intentions/view for Tarkov

Hi all,

As the title says, I think BSG needs to make a clear statement on their views of Tarkov so we, the players, can aline discussion and ideas with their pathway. I notice a lot when I am talking about Tarkov improvements/issues with friends, or when looking at community posts, factors like "who this game is made for" and "realism vs RPG" and others hurt progressive discussion by wasting time and energy.

Here's an example: People argue about the flee market, saying that it makes the game too easy/makes good gear too available, while others argue that it gives them access to the gear they want to use sooner(not necessarily on the basis of strength, but of preference). Arguments like this are useless until we know the true direction of this game. Does BSG want the game to appeal to players who don't or can't spend hours grinding quests(therefore flea good) or do they want the game to be for those that spend hours grinding quests for progression(therefor flea bad)? A statement from BSG on this would bring an end to a fruitless discussion about developer/game intentions, IMO.

Here's another example: recoilless HKs, SAs, M4s, are pretty unrealistic. I would argue on the basis of "realism" that this shouldn't possible. Someone else would argue that, on the basis of an "RPG" game, min/maxing numbers(recoil values, etc.) is the point. BSG says on their website that this game is both an RPG and a hardcore/realistic simulator. So…which is it? Again, if BSG makes a clear distinction on their intentions, no one would waste time on arguments like this. (side note: if BSG sticks to the game being both an RPG and realistic simulator, then IDK how you can even being to discuss this game. It's like trying to build a house of cards on a table that gets flipped every 3 minutes.)

There are tons of other issues that ride the line of Tarkov's intentions which is why I think BSG should make a statement addressing what they want this game to ultimately be so that we, the four year plus beat testers, can give feedback that pushes this game closer to that goal.

Now before I end, I am completely open to the fact that I may have missed Nikita explaining Tarkov's goals; however, it seems to me that if they have, they haven't done that effectively if these types of discussions still arise. If someone does have a clip of Nikita explaining the game's goals intentions in full, I'd be happy to see it.

Let me know what yall think. Thanks for reading.


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