BSG, Tarkov and the Average Player.

At this point, I feel like BSG hate the more average players. By average I am talking play time not skill, obviously you can be a skilled player who only plays an hour or so a day. Moving on, I feel this way because of all the changes that have been made since the wipe. Including bitcoin farm nerfs, painkiller nerfs, multiple ammo price increases. These changes will not affect the player who plays all day, who is already lvl 40 + and has a maxed out hideout and is essentially making a couple mill a day through their hideout alone. Now don't get me wrong, I am not hating on this kind of player, good for them. But my point here is that, BSG's changes aren't affecting this player. They affect the players that are more similar to me and what I assume to be the average player base. Who don't play this game all day every day, who only get on for a raid or two once a day or a couple times a week. So when BSG makes these changes that are to " control the price " of certain items in game or essentially trying to change game metas they are effectively only affecting the average player base.

This type of game design and ethics is what lead people to stop playing your game. When patch after patch there are no improvements to the net code, there is no sign of improving connection issues, no sign of even trying to get better servers. There are changes that make the game harder on the normal player. Changes that make the game less fun to play.

Now lets get a little in depth on a few of the changes I talked about above. I'll start with the bitcoin farm, for a lot of players it is their wipe goal of getting bitcoin farm. Now when they get there, it is less effective, takes more resources to build and cost so much to even run because of the great idea to reduce gas spawns as a "test for in game scenarios". Let's be real here for a second, this is not a scenario, it was straight up a direct nerf to the bitcoin farm as a result of the price increase of bitcoins. I think we can all agree on that. These kinds of changes kill the motivation to even try and get to bitcoin farm. Okay now lets talk about something outside of the hideout, ammo increases. The ammo that has increased in price include (these are the only I could tell) : M855A1, AP 6.3, SS190, 7N31. I'll get the obvious out of the way, two of those ammo types can be used by the vector. Yes, the vector is broken, yes nerfs were needed but a $2 increase on AP 6.3 and a 700 rouble increase for 7N31 was not the way to go. First of all the vector is not the only gun that shoots 9×19, these price increases imo actually make it to where if you are going to use an smg and you are going to use anything above PST GZH then it doesn't make any sense not to use a vector now because good ammo just cost too much. So by BSG's fuck up on the vector, it causes the average player who wants to use non shit ammo for 9×19 to have to also consider if it is worth it to use a way worse smg with your expensive ammo. Lets be real here, I am not a meta slave who only uses the best of the best but when there is a gun that cost 96k and needs absolutely no mods besides a sight, and on top of the it has the best specs out of any smg regardless of caliber then that defeats the purpose of the 9×19 ammo increases. Moving on from that discussion, lets talk about M855A1, there was a $3 dollar increase on this ammo, what the fuck is that about? NATO ammo as it is even that good, its the guns that are decent so why is this ammo getting such a high price increase? Now it makes it harder to reason buying a cheap low budget M4 or adar build and use M855A1 which for being the 2nd best NATO round isn't even that good as it is but is now nearly 1k roubles a shot through peacekeeper or because of the price increase nearly 2k on the flea.

Alright, I've spent too much time on this topic by now. Am I crazy and just mad at the changes, or does anyone else feel this way? Thanks for reading everyone, sorry for formatting I suck at this, have a good day.


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