Bug or leak?

I don't know whether this comes under bug or question or whatever, but something I do a LOT of in Tarkov is crafting. Between every raid, I am checking to make sure I am crafting IFAKs, meds, bandages, weapons, etc etc, to the point that I can tell when something isn't in place.

Today is one such time. In the last few hours, I have seen the Lavatory craft for the gas mask filter be the black GP-3 gas mask instead of the white GP-5 gas mask, and in the med station I saw a craft for the AFAK (not IFAK) kit be two IFAKs, one army bandage and one CAT hemostatic tourniquet.

Has anyone else seen this? I apologise for not having screenshots because I thought this was just another silent update from BSG, however I haven't seen either after a couple raids, so I'm wondering if they are doing something at the moment with the crafting tables, or if there was a strange bug in my game where there were new crafts (that by the way both make sense). If I see these again, I'll remember to screen capture.

If these are leaks, then it will be interesting to see what else they are planning to add to the craft tables. Also, this strange occurrence raises the question… why isn't the GP-3 gas mask also possible for the gas mask filter craft?

— EDIT —

Just remembered that I also spotted a craft in the Workbench for crafting an SKS into one weapon part.

— EDIT 2 —

Looks like they might be up for real now:




Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q2ehws/bug_or_leak/

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