Building Fence Rep

This is an often discussed topic, so much/all of this has already been said, but with the influx of new players and questions I thought this might be helpful.

Fence reputation has a loyalty level target of 6.0, which is way higher than the other traders. It’s also much easier to both gain and lose Fence reputation. You gain Fence rep by taking car extracts, cooperative extracts as a PMC or scav, extracting as a scav, or using your scav to kill a traitor scav/PMC that killed scavs. You lose fence rep by using your scav to kill innocent scavs, or currently by killing Santa (-1.5, so be careful not to kill Santa).

The benefits of reaching this level of Fence reputation are:
1. Your scav cooldown is significantly lower
2. Your scav has a higher probability of spawning with good gear or high tier loot like labs access cards
3. Your scav case timer is decreased

The negatives are that not everyone cares to use their scav, some people like killing innocent scavs, and building Fence rep takes times and money.

Your first goal is to complete the car extract on each car map (Woods, Customs, Interchange, and Lighthouse) at least 3 times. The first time you take each car, you get 0.25 Fence rep, with diminishing returns for each subsequent car (0.13, 0.08, etc.) So taking each car 3 times will net you about 2.0 Fence rep, putting you 1/3 towards your goal without much time or effort. Building an early cushion is important to get a head start on improving the gear and loot your scav spawns with, but even more importantly for reducing your scav cooldown and allowing you to run more scav runs.

Once you’ve got a solid foundation, there are three ways to build the rest:
1. Scav normally, going to maps with lots of loot and potentially PMC gear to find
2. Try to co-op extract wherever you can on both PMC and scav (0.25 fence rep each time, plus a reward, no diminishing returns) [edit: sounds like diminishing returns like car extract]
3. Factory scav

Option 2 is probably the most efficient because you can reach 6.0 really fast when you’re getting bonus car extracts for free. It has gotten easier with the introduction of VOIP as well. It is also the riskiest option, and could lead to a lot of wasted time if you’re unlucky.

My preference is Option 3, because it allows you to minimize your risk and maximize your reward, while also practicing PVP and potentially punishing traitor scavs. Usually you’ll spawn around 10 minutes, so you can almost immediately extract without taking a run-through. I like to use the Camera Bunker Door extract in the tunnels, if I don’t spawn in the office I can safely run to that extract from almost any spot.

This means you can basically just import your scav’s stuff into your inventory to use or sell, plus a free 0.01 for extracting. And if you don’t have anything valuable on your scav and hear gunfire, you can try to snag a PMC/traitor scav kill for an extra 0.03 usually. Be careful not to kill innocent scavs, dying with nothing is better than losing -0.1

It’s monotonous and you won’t learn the other maps while spamming factory, but it’s a really low effort and low risk way to stay flush with roubles while slowly building your Fence rep. A great option if you’re doing chores/vibing with something else and can ignore the timer.

For reference, I am at 3.92 Fence rep, probably 1.5 from car extracts, 0.75 from co-op extracts, and the rest from extracting and killing scav traitors. I’ve lost -0.2 in defensive situations. I’ve spawned (and extracted) with 10 labs cards, half the samples for Peacekeeper, an MTube, 2 intelligence folders, and I’ve farmed up an extra 3.5 million roubles since Monday night. My scav timer is around 13 minutes, and I have Intelligence Center Level 1.

Hopefully this helps answer some Fence rep questions!


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