Building Viper in solo queue

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So I've been playing a bit of Viper offlane and wonder what you guys think about how to build this hero.

Now we all know Viper is a dogshit lategame carry and a questionable mid-game carry.

People have been buying mek on Viper so that after the near gaurenteed lane-win, you could just roll as 5 with your team while their carry recovers and use mek to boost teamfight and push down towers early.

But in some games your carry just wants to farm, he doesn't want to participate in fights for whatever reason. And worse still the enemy Carry that you stepped on DOES attend fights and ends up swinging the fight 5v4 because your carry refuses to participate in fights.

So your forced to go into the midgame. How exactly do you build a stable mid game and even endgame Viper?

Is this it Mjolnir / Glepnir rush?
Is it SnY Skadi rush?
Pike into bkb?

It seems like no matter what item you buy on him other than the above two which I haven't tried, and Dragonlance which I have tried… You always just have 0 impact other than the break.

Your poison falls away off, your ulti without Aghs isn't even that good for kiting because you need to basically get into melee range to cast it, and then try to run away at horribly bad move speed.


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