Bullshit really is bullshit..

So…. I'm doing the quest "Bullshit" from Skier, dude gives me a rolex as a reward from the quest before. Okay cool, I have to place that, an sv-98 and a fake flash drive that I have to retrieve from the car on the bridge in dorms on customs.

Me and my buddy spawn at check point and run to dorms to place my roller and sv-98, cool now lets go back where we came from to do his quest.
We hit up crack-house and then the bridge, I grab the flash drive and say "oh we can just come back, ill place it next raid"

Skier says "restart" on the quest…. so I have to buy an 800k+ roler to do the damn quest I had pretty much done. WHY THOUGH? I didnt fail anything… I guess thats why they named this quest "Bullshit"

Really though.. why did I have to restart this quest? It makes absolutely zero sense, every other "place this" quest you can do in more than one raid, nope.. not this quest.

Edit: yeah, I missed the bit about not killing scavs. Oh well, at least I wasn't boned like I thought I was lol. Still kinda salty though šŸ˜…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m824l6/bullshit_really_is_bullshit/

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