Burn The Bubble Initiative — Introduction and Discussion

Credit to the Pilot for the idea. If you're curious, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVyr1IjJ2rc

I agree with what is said here, yet I haven't seen a plan to actually make it happen. Yes, alot of it would require F-DEV to get onboard, but I have a plan to start this. I'm still ironing out the fine details, but here is the general plan. Criticism is welcome

1: Get a bunch of fleet carrier owners together, a couple dozen at least.

2: Get those carriers fully equipped with refuel, rearm, shipyard, outfitting, etc etc. Putting things up to sale is up for debate or personal preference, but smaller cargo vessels may be a good idea.

3: Come up with a jump plan. My current idea is to have each carrier control an area of space around a thousand light years to either side of it, or a 2kly diameter sphere of influence that that carrier manages

4: Get people(not in carriers) on board to help jumpstart the process. Miners, explorers, combat pilots, whatever. Exploration and mining would probably be higher on the priority list.

5: Jump out, and form the micro-bubbles. I have an idea of making the first expansion a line of micro bubbles horizontally across the middle of the galaxy. Like, a line that goes straight through Sag A* and is perpendicular to the line from the Bubble to Beagle Point.

6: While the above has been happening, we would be coordinating through discord. After we are in position, We would divide the micro bubbles into sectors, so each sector has multiple micro bubbles. Each sector would have it's own discord, where missions could be run. And I do mean actual, player based missions. It would require an honor system, but could be enforced with some sort of insurance policy.

7: See how this grand experiment goes.

I really want to do this and make it work, but it would take hundred of commanders, dozens of carriers, and likely over a trillion credits in combined effort. So, what are your ideas? Do you think this could work? Should I set up a discord for initial mustering of forces now? Let me know, I'm genuinely interested.

EDIT: Here is a very work in progress Discord for those interested: https://discord.gg/PZGtRYwvsc

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/megsxd/burn_the_bubble_initiative_introduction_and/

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