Burned out

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So i have around 280 hours in the game, played it daily foir weeks on end after it came out, got to the final biome, built a pretty damn cool base and started the grind for the padded armour set and black metal weapons aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand hit a wall, not been back to the game in nearly a month.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of burn out on a game, if so how did you get back into it? I really really want to finish the main game so i can start messing around with the mods and VR stuff, but every time i load up the game im just hit with this huge wave of "i just cant be bothered", never experiecned this in a game before and ive been gaming my whole life (in my 30's).

I've been playing other games, even took a break from gaming completely for a wee while, hopefully that will re-ignite something in me to pick it back up.

Amazing game btw really really love it it feels "like home" if you know what i mean, just struggling to find the urge to put anymore time into it.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/p9xuaq/burned_out/

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