Burnt out from specific map PMC kill quests

So after finishing up all the other quests as a solo player of collect x item,kill x scavs and level x kill. the only quests left for me was the kill pmc quests. I tried these for a day but found them infuriating in that it was entirely rng on when,where and how PMCs were found.

I tried all possible calibers of weapons and if necessary would bait by firing a few shots, I'd died by all types of players (entrance,exit campers,squads).

My main quests that annoy me are Chumming and punisher pt 4 as they essentially make every map I go into a pvp one where I'm trying to kill a large number of players. I even find the boss quests easier.

I wish these quests were optional pvp so using punisher pt 4 as example. We can choose to kill 10 pmc or scavs with different conditions and any quests that require pvp to not be prerequisite quests. Especially as it is now where late spawns,shots not registering and no way to improve by watching replays.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/imqxt7/burnt_out_from_specific_map_pmc_kill_quests/

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