#BurnTheBubble with Spice!

Alright well the "low effort" discussion route failed so here's a narrative. When I say burn the bubble I do not mean the burning of corpses and infrastructure I mean the burning of the economical and political boundaries we as a species have imposed upon ourselves but what better way to start an active discussion than with an inflammatory headline! For too long humanity has remained in the comfortable colonized zone of its predecessors seeded by the efforts of the generations ships Void bless their souls, but no longer should we confine ourselves to their reaches. We have proven our ability to turn out gaze outward and expand as seen by the highway, Colonia, explorers anchorage and more recently the mass production of Pilot Fed carriers! Why do we not have the ability or want to load up these wonders of human engineering and ingenuity with prefabs and minds eager to extend their reach beyond that which is know to us. So BurnTheBubble I say and let us fly once again eagerly into the unknown!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/md3701/burnthebubble_with_spice/

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