Cadaverine can do some really cool stuff in this meta.

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Cadaverine is an underrated card I find. It can generate a ton of points in the correct meta, and the current landscape has made the card really unique and quite diverse. I’ve included it in the Team Elderblood Nilfgaard Midrange deck, cutting Avallac’h for it to good results.

Let’s look at some matchups.

This is an obvious one, as killing and stealing the opponents She Who Knows is pretty much game over. If not playing the SWK version, there are plenty of tall units from which to use it on.

Northern Realms:
This is probably your most fun match up if the orders version. Gerhart will spawn and you can use his ability right away or hold on to it. Shani is a good target too, as you can resurrect a Nilfgaardian Knight or Tortoise. Against commandos is a bit trickier, but you can steal or purify defender, and if you choose to purify can poison the Foltest. I play a list with Braethens and you can even steal a commando, and proceed to use Informant to get your own commando chain going. Lot of possibilities.

Again, quite a bit of tall units to steal from. Obviously the Greatswords and Bear Witcher’s are your best friend. If playing an off meta deck like Alchemy, you can steal the Dracoturtle, defender or something along those lines.

If playing the poison version, well, you have plenty of self poison targets to choose from. I try to hide the fact that I am a poison deck in order for them to make the mistake of self poisoning their units. If playing the standard Lined Pockets, The Witchfinder is a pretty decent target, but not a lot of options here unfortunately.

If playing against mill or hyper thin, Tiber and Golem are fantastic targets for you. Not much else to say about this. You can also steal snow drop, and play your own snow drop and leader combo for double the points.

If you happen to run into the two people on ladder playing this faction, well, this is actually not a great match up as they tend to play a lot of purifies and lower point cards.

I recommend giving it a try and hearing from your opinions as well.


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