Caesar Bilzen should have more targets

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SY is in a pretty bad state rn and buffing Caesar Bilzen can help the faction. Currently the card is used exclusively for Jackpot+Sigi+Jacques. Buffing its selection of target will make it viable for all archetypes and reduce brick chance in Jackpot.

Some of the cards in SY have ability very similar to Profit, yet technically doesn't have the keyword. Mutant Maker for example can have an ability like this: (technically no one plays Mutant Maker in non-devotion anyway).

Deploy: Destroy an allied unit then gain 4 coins

Devotion: Profit 4 instead

Another solution is to give some other cards a Profit ability, in exchange for less power or more prov (or nothing at all, just buff the cards). Some new cards are coming in December and it will be great if they have Profit 2 or 3

Last but not least, also the most controversial one and i don't expect it to be implemented, is to make it work on Locked target. I think it is supposed to work considering we are using the Locked ability through another ability. Of course this is too niche of a situation and doesn't really matter. (who would save a Lock card in their hand for Sigi lol)


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