Camping ZB-1011 for 30 minutes is not cool guys…

…And if you think that you're good because you killed someone running from an army, after waiting half an hour in one place, you should seriously reconsider life choices.

On a less salty note – Exit campers are not hard to deal with if you have the time however it's really hard to deal with them while on the run. The funny part is, the guy that camped probably died as well and if so, he did not get much loot either.

There are at least two types of people who stay for long in raids

  • You're either being careful, doing tasks and slowly making your way through map all sneaky mode
  • You're just a chad who was busy looting

Meanwhile, exit campers literally waste 30-40 minutes of their lives for one kill, risk death to the latter type of player and all in all – they could've done 3 scav runs instead.

Is this gameplay pleasant to them or what? If I were to set up a camp, I'd probably get some fancy sniping spot for longshots, now that camping could be considered as fun.

In any case, enjoy 2021 everyone


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