Can a dragon knight mid solo carry an Archon game?

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I'm a 2.6k mmr mid player learning to play dragon knight. Previously I had great success in playing QoP, with a 75% winrate. However, my dk winrate is abysmal, at 40%.

I play DK as an initiator and tower pusher, going treads -> blink -> bkb almost every game. I feel like I am able to give my team an early game advantage and take down all enemy tier 1 towers around 15-20min. However, progressing into the mid-late game, I feel like dk's carry potential falls off and my game's win/loss depends a lot on my team's carry/offlane. Once they make a wrong decision or move, it's hard for me as a dk to turn things around. I think it's mainly because dk lacks damage.

For example, last game I had a PA that bought bf, deso, bots, manta, no bkb against enemy lineup of sven, slark, puck, np. I bought the usual items + halberd but once pa dies, I feel useless. It seems that if my carry buys the wrong item, my impact in the game will be so limited as a dk.

Is dk a hero that can solo carry a game in my bracket? Any tips for me to play dk better?


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