Can anyone explain?

Uh… Yeah… Now that I'm taking a better look at the Power Plant used on our ships, I have questions.
Why is it so low in power capacity? It's the 34th Century, and it's Nuclear Fusion at that! Even in our timeline, the proposed ITER reactor was theoretically said to be able to generate power up to 500 Megawatt, which is ludicrously beyond anything we got right now (maybe except for the capital ships, but who knows kek). At best, an A-rate Class 8 Power Plant's power capacity is only 36 Megawatt, NOT Engineered.

It just doesn't make any damn sense! Well, unless anyone can explain it to me in a way that's not BS, makes sense, and is not a joke.

Otherwise, I say this is rather preposterous. They have the ability to FTL, but their reactors are somehow weaker than even a proposed prototype from almost a millennia prior.


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