can Kunkka be an effective position 1?

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Really enjoying playing him there and wondering if it is sustainable long term? So from reading peoples comments what defines a carry is usually they have one or more of three things:

  • they can easily escape
  • they can farm real fast and get fat
  • they have a steroid in teamfight

What I see him is:
– Instead of escape he has a guaranteed catch. Basically X+Torrent is a guaranteed undispellable stun unless they have BKB. You can also use it on yourself to go and clear waves safely

  • Because of tidebringer and some nice damage I find him to clearing camps real easily. . Especially i found him to be real good at taking stacks. Almost on the Luna, Sven level

  • Again tidebringer is OP in teamfights where everyone is clumped up together. Ive had moments where I do PA ultimate level amount of damage to supports in a teamfight. Also his abilities are a real pain in the ass to deal with from the enemy.

So from these assessments can he play as a carry in a highly active, teamfight oriented team? If so how does he rank against other carries?


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