Can sensors get a buff already?

Also, I'd like to not have to be in SC to do SCA to a location.

But yeah. Sensors have some of the nuttiest cost/weight/performance ratios I've seen. You all know the drill. Yet for some reason, the only engineering that makes any kind of sense is the lightweight mod. Sure, I could widen my scan arc, but what does that do for me? I could double the weight of my sensors to see as far out as gasp 13 Km; if I get a really big, heavy array, but I have no reason to buy anything more than 1a save for the fact that I can't under-size my sensors.

I demand experimental effects! Auto-scan targets in range, reduce jitter from my gimballed/turreted weapons, or at the absolute least let me see further than my naked eyes could. Faster scanning- 360 degrees of scanning arc, ANYTHING to justify strapping 6-12 sidewinders to my ship.


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