Can someone build a mathematical model of Slark’s attack damage progression with essence shift?

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The attack DPS for most heroes in Dota2 are more straight forward: damage, attack speed, armor reduction, etc, are mostly fixed throughout the course of the attacks.

When Slark attacks someone, however, multiple things happen:

  1. The victim suffers raw HP loss per attack because of attribute loss
  2. The victim loses armor because of attribute loss
  3. Slark gains attack damage
  4. Slark gains attack speed

It would be interesting to see a graph of Slark's DPS progression and the victim's HP loss over time till death, compared to some other more standard heroes (and maybe some other escalating types like Ursa's), using typical sets of items and similar net worth, vs a common victim.

To make this more challenging, maybe also model a Slark vs. other carry manfight scenario showcasing the effects of Slark's increased armor and the opponent's decreased attack speed/damage over time.

Any computer science/math people wanna give this a go for fun?


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