Can someone explain what makes Jaegers quests so hard?

I see a lot of posts on this sub about how Jaeger's quests are too hard. I went and looked through them all, but I only see a few that are a bit ridiculous compared to the 'most' that I usually hear when people talking about his quests.

How is any of this different to any of the other traders?

  • Acquaintance – Find and hand over items, They don't even have to be found in raid.

  • Unprotected but dangerous – It's just kill 7 scavs on woods

  • Thrift – Store items in designated area

  • Zhivchik – Kinda dumb, no one is going to play for 5 minutes with dehydration, mainly just a cheese quest. If it doesn't have to be 5 minutes at once (Which I assume it doesn't) then it's a bit more manageable but still a weird quest considering you can't really play while fully dehydrated due to all the effects.

  • Wounded beast – Not that bad at all. Scavs frequently fracture my arms if my armor doesn't protect it. If you fight back you get progress towards this quest.

  • Tough Guy – Kind of annoying I guess if a player spots you and makes you bleed

  • Cold blooded – Definitely not my favorite quest in the game. I'm 15k xp away from level 40 with every trader maxed out including jaeger and I'm still on 0/4 definitely seems like one you would have to cheese at the moment. Should either be just headshots or tremor, not both.

  • Zatoichi – Being blinded is kinda a bad requirement because you're relying on enemies to flash you and I barely encouter people using flash grenades. I guess this will go up if more people try to do the other Zarya quest he has.

  • Eagle-owl – Shouldn't be any issues with this quest. Pretty simple, especially on interchange.

  • Combat Medic – Another one that isn't very difficult if you're running around shooting at people. It would be nice to get a boost towards it like you can for health and sniper, but level 3 is required for a hideout upgrade so you'll already have been making progress on it.

  • secured Perimiter – Easiest place in the game to find other players (except their spawn point on factory)

  • The Trophy – Go kill Reshala.

  • Woods cleaning – 50 scavs, any map, any gun. Enough said.

  • Controller – Good quest. More people using tactical greandes instead of just spamming F1s is cool to see.

  • Sell-out/Woods keeper/Eraser – Kill each of the bosses. Nice to encourage players to do this instead of avoiding them. Creates great fights and the rewards are good too.

  • Justice – Reshala's bodyguards. Maybe could have been 1 quest instead of getting the gold TT but definitely not too tricky to just kill 3 of them.

  • Evil watchman – Very active area of the map and you can get some really good fights with other people interested in the gunshots.

  • Eraser Part 2 – Kill 10 Raiders, Labs or Reserve doesn't matter.

  • Ambulance – Don't know if I've just been unlucky or if I haven't been checking the right areas. I've found 0 debfibs. I feel like the 3 slot surgery kit would make more sense than the 2 slot one as well with how rare defibs are.

  • Shady Business – find in raid and handover, I think every trader has one of these. Living high was way more difficult than this one.

  • Nostalgia – Very simple quest.

  • Fishing Place – If you killed the boss scavs you'll have done this quest too.

  • Courtesy visit – One of the easiest quests in the game. Go to the least populated part of the map and then leave.

  • Hunting Trip – Similar to mechanic quests, hand over guns.

  • Reserv – Explore the new map a bit.

  • Tarkov shooter quest line – Taken from Mechanic. Some challenging ones in there but you don't have to do them if you don't want to snipe. I would like to see it changed to allow you to use other bolt action snipers after you for the 3rd quest or something.

Now, Jaeger loses a total of 0.12 rep if you do every other traders quests. If I counted right and didn't miss anything (which is easily possible) Jaegers quests give a total of 1.33 rep. He requires 0.50 for max level so doing his quests will out you easily over this negative rep I keep hearing people complain about. Especially considering a lot of this negative rep is on some of the later quests with the other traders.
Skier loses 0.16 rep from other traders, Prapor loses 0.12 and therapist loses 0.05. This is all from very early on quests as well and does not count the rep loss from doing chemical 4 depending on who you hand it in to.

So from looking at his quests, I don't really see anything in there that's extreme enough to warrant daily reddit posts about Jaeger specifically. I don't know if I'm missing something because his quests aren't that hard, maybe the rest of the game is too easy?


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  • Urmumgay 21.11.2020 in 01:34

    Kill 3 pmcs one woods raid is impossible for me and the quests make you run garbage gear, boring, waste, of a good raid I’d rather loot n pvp, the tarkov shooter part 8 can eat a dick.

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