Can someone please explain the direction of this game?

this is NOT a complaint, but a genuine questions/discussion!

I’m not super new, played most of last wipe, but I’m concerned for the well being of Tarkov. I’ve been enjoying this wipe, being low level again and such, but I’m not sure how I feel about the flea market changes.

I played through last wipe as a merchant, selling nearly everything I got. I enjoyed that, and I could afford to bring nice gear into raids. Now, I can’t sell any gear off of PMC’s, I can’t sell any gear I take in, and I can’t sell gear I died with.

I don’t have problems with this, so far. But I’m kind of lost, I don’t know what exactly I’m going to spend the end game doing. Killing players just to reuse stuff? With no actual profit?

For example, picking up a LedX, putting it in my alpha, then getting killed by a player. Now I have a ledX I don’t need and can’t sell, and that player also didn’t get it; everyone lost. That doesn’t sound like a good system…

I’m not sure how I feel yet, and I would like someone to explain to me how they feel about the future of this game that I love!

Thank you!


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