Can someone skim a replay and tell me how to win these games?

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Here's the game I played today – ID# 6006341301 ; I'm Viper

I feel like I played my lane really well, despite my carry somehow feeding the enemy midlaner first blood, and continuing to feed being 0-8 at like 12 minutes. My first death was because my Snapfire decided to cookie me right into the middle of a Dawnbreaker ult where I got chainstunned, and I got tilted after that noticing that my entire team was just kind of griefing my game; My support Centaur and Sven carry were both feeding incessantly, my Snapfire wasn't giving vision properly and was doing corny things like mentioned above, and my CK offlane cried in all chat the entire game until he straight up just went AFK in the trees until the game ended.

I just don't know what to do in these games, but most them I play are like this. I'm not trying to make this another "my team holds me back" post, I'm genuinely asking how to win in scenarios like this because they make up the majority of which I play – where I steamroll my lane and it just doesn't matter because my team is either just AFK jungling, feeding nonstop, or straight up throwing/griefing. Please help?


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