Can the Dota Influencers like BSJ, Jenkins, purge or elwono please make videos about how to support.

DOTA 2 Guides

A lot of people follow their videos. I have seen a lot of pudge or gyrocopters or leshracs after their recent videos and following what they said to the core.

But what the support players are missing in my bracket are some of the basic things which makes sense when playing support.

Things like:

  1. Why not to block first wave when playing radiant safelane,
  2. Why not do a single pull and why it destroys ur safelane.
  3. Why not to even do a pull just because you are support. I have seen players pulling creeps even when the enemy creeps are at right place for carry to hit. They make the pull just because they have nothing to do and lane gets destroyed.
  4. When to leave lane and try looking to help other lane or stack.
  5. When the carry should lane to jungle and supports taking over lane for xp instead of pinging free farming carry at ancients to come back to safelane.
  6. Where and when to ward.
  7. When to smoke and what to do when you are waiting for a impact item on your cores.
  8. Why is it important to carry dusts and sentries.
  9. Ideal team composition and teamfight scenarios like initiators, followups and what you should do in teamfight.
  10. When and how to even take a teamfight instead of just running at the first hero you see on map,

Years back I saw a video of some one, may be purge I guess, about how a lich as a support played a teamfight by staying at back..saving his teammates..using spells and items at right time. This taught me how to play as a support back then i just played carry but i gave it a try and it worked well. I am still noob at this but I never forgot what i learnt. But to see recent players in my bracket (8/10 players in 2k bracket) doing mistake about these not so obvious things but detrimental to the overall game and probably destroying their and their teammates experience of the game.

I would really love some one who can influence these players to make them think about the things they should do instead of blindly doing things. I think most of the grieving in our brackets are caused by these actions whose consequences players didnt know most of the time.


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