Can we appreciate how terrible “omnislash” is?

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Omnislash sucks. Let's compare the pros and the cons:-


  • 140 second cooldown spell
  • Trash damage unless you're overfed – Any other carry could do the same with the same amount of farm you need to see the impact of this spell
  • Countered by 1500 item and many, many other items that are not built to specifically "counter" it (euls, glimmer, etc..). To counter the counter you need a 4700 gold item.
  • Countered by creeps – literally needs all the stars to align and the most perfect positioning to get a relevant omnislash and put it back on 140 second cooldown so you can use it next game hopefully.
  • Half the heroes can cancel it (EVEN MIRANA LEAP ROFL).
  • Puts you out of position even if you used it correctly in a team fight on a solo hero he just casually takes a stroll back to his team mates while you are doing a full solo omnislash on him, tickling him and then the moment you're out of it you get gang banged and by the time you respawn you still have like 80 seconds to wait until it's off cooldown.
  • Takes roughly 6 to 8 hours to cast so goodluck casting that when the low HP enemy is juking you in the trees or during night time
  • Costs 80% of your mana pool to cast – If omnislash had 2 charges (like scepter windrun, atral improsenment, pounce, etc..), it still would suck because you can't use it. If you build eye of skadi for mana issues, goodluck dealing damage. (refer to bullet point number 2 if you want to counter this argument with "skadi is part of being 6 slotted")


  • You live the fantasy of the weeb samurai that does fancy katana shit like animu



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