Can we get an option that allows us to choose not to be the imposter?

I hate being the imposter and I leave every time I get it and yet I get it way too often. I hate being the imposter because there’s never really much going on for you and you’re just sitting there waiting to catch someone alone in an area that no one saw you enter. So can we please get an option that no one else can see that makes it so that you can’t be the imposter? If no one else can see that you’ve chosen that option then there’s no way that this can be exploited so all this would do is make it more likely for the other people in the lobby to get imposter. The reason I’m making this post is because I just got a 5 minute ban for leaving after I got imposter 3 games in a row. So can something please be done about this?

Edit: if you do select this setting it wouldn’t make it so that you’re never the imposter it would just make it where it lessons the odds of you getting it

Edit #2: when I say I leave when I get it I don’t mean I leave at the start of the game I normally use a strategy that I explained in one of the comments on this post that allows me to leave earlier but also makes it easy for my teammate to win


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