Can we have a feature to report racism/sexism in Dota2?

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EDIT: Many are asking about the communication abuse feature. While this feature can be used, we are categorizing toxicity and racism under the same bracket. Maybe a different feature for reporting racism and sexism only?

I love dota2 and have been playing it for 10 years but I cannot use my mic on SEA servers. I am from India and have an accent. If my teammates pick up on the fact that I am Indian, sometimes conversations tend to get steered in another direction.

I just finished a game which was an easy win for my team (dire). I had a few suggestions to my mid (storm) in terms of going in on the opposition team sniper and initiating the fight during the game. This led to a barrage of hate and ended up being a pissing contest between me and him. I don't mind it but it led to bad things being said by the storm.

I can handle being called curry dog from time to time but the conversation led to a discussion between a player from the radiant and my storm on Indians. I don't want to repeat what they said.

I'm pretty sure valve has the chat records (after the match) and they can pull it up if required but a long-term solution is required.

PFA: profile of the guy who was making the racist comments.

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